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Graphics & Visualization



Graphics and Visualization category is divided into two. Which are Graphic Design and Visualization. The services doesn’t include any printing service or any hard copies production. Client will need to mention it if they require any printing or hard copies to be included.

Heeroglyph provide Graphic Design such as Logo Design, Advertising Design, Menu Design, Namecard Design and more. If the client require multiple graphic design at once, there will always be a way to sort it out regarding of the expenditure.

3D Visualization includes product visualization, furniture visualization, mock-up visualization and more. This service are only for products that involve visualizing. Without having the designer to design the product or modify the product.

Graphics & Visualization

How It Works

Client Meeting

The meeting will discuss about the details such as the requirements, design intention and more to have a clearer direction on the project.


The designer will brain storm the idea to produce the Graphic Design and present to the client. However, 3D Visualization will not have this procedure.

Production Progress

In Production Progress stage, the designer will need a period of time to produce the final outcome of the design for the client.

Project Completion

After the design is approved, the designer will prepare all the needed soft copies for the person in-charge to produce the design.