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Interior Design is the Major of Heeroglyph holding the international standard design and attitude all the way from Florence, Italy. By understanding the client’s struggle about design expenditure nowadays, Heeroglyph provides three type of design services such as Type A, Type B and Type C.

Type A is known as Design and Build. Which means, the designer will provide the contractor for the project. This procedure is divided into two stages, The Design Stage and the Build Stage. Initially, in the Design Stage, the designer will produce all the necessary 2D and 3D drawings presenting to the client. After the Design Stage, The designer will then discuss the material requirement needed in the design and prepare the quotation for the Build Stage. However, progressive claim will be involved in this procedure.

Type B is known as Design Quantity. It is calculated based on the quantity of drawings and services to be much more affordable. Therefore, amendment fee is involved. However, the fee for each drawings or services were depend on the size and the workload of the project.

Type C is known as Design Consultancy. Which means, the designer will not provide any contractor to build the project. In this procedure, the designer will only produce all the necessary 2D and 3D drawings for the project calculating in a package method depends on the size of the projects including or excluding the Contractor Communication Services.

Interior Design

How It Works

Client Meeting

The meeting will be discussing about the interior design project details such as the requirements, design intention, pricing and more to have a better understanding before kick starting the design progress.

Design Development
Design Development

The designer will propose a mood board to the client before hitting the design. If the mood board is approved, the designer will start producing the 2D and 3D drawings.

Contractor Communication
Contractor Communication

After the design are approved by the client, the designer will communicate with the contractor in charge, produce additional necessary drawings and supervise the progress.

Project Completion

After the design is completed. Client may ask for more aesthetics info from the designer such as decoration advise, color advise and E.T.C.