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MIFF Furniture Design Competition 2018


In the late 2017, I had come across a furniture design competition called MIFF Furniture Design Competition 2018 (FDC). The requirement for the competition is to use wood as the main material for the furniture. The theme given is Living Furniture, Global Perspective. In my perspective of view for the theme, it means a daily furniture that can be use everyday and anywhere around the world. So I had the idea to design a space saving dining chair and a coffee table attached sofa.



Yes, all the finalist selected need to present their design to the judges in consider to sell our design to them and make ourselves the winner. I had experienced several competition which need to do presentation during the final stage. As expected, I’m given the personal mic and a laser pointer to present in front of the conference room.



Unfortunately, I’m been told by the judges that my design is on point. But, there were quite limited ability right now in Malaysia to produce such design. Therefore, I had a good advise from them and learnt a lot from the competition. Yes, I’m confident to what I know and what I’m doing. But listening to the superior is what makes me stronger. Although I’m intermediate in the design industry, things I don’t know I won’t pretend that I knew it. This is my designer attitude to seek for professionalism.



In this competition, I had met a lot of talented designers as well. They were all consisting of their own style and their own road of designer. And I have mine too. Really having so much fun participating in this competition. Really looking forward to the next competition that I would bump in!