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"Not gonna waste today by overthinking and expecting too much from tomorrow"

My Graduation In Florence, Italy

I had learnt a lot from Italy especially Design, Architecture and Cultural. I got my Degree and graduated from Accademia Riaci Florence, Italy in 2017. I never ever think of ended up myself getting full scholarship to further my studies in Italy. Which is my dream country. I would say is a dream come true for me for having myself blend into the School of Design in Italy. I love design very much. Instead of browsing social medias everyday, I browse inspiration application everyday such as Pinterest, Instagram, Dezeen and more.


If you asked me “did you get yourself bullied in Italy?”. Yes, I did. I get bullied is because I can’t speak Italian from the start. But then, I did learnt Italian myself. Yes, is still in amateur level. I can mostly communicate and speak for what I want. Other than that, everyday is perfectly fine. The people over there are kind, the night over there are safe, the weather over there are well, the design over there are insane!


I do visit to the wonderful places in Italy during the school break. I went to places such as Pisa, Rome, Venice, Desenzano, Verona, Cinque Terre and more. Please do checkout my Youtube Channel for the place I had visited. I had recorded all the memories I had made in Italy in my Youtube. I even record the moment where we celebrate Chinese New Year in Italy.


Finally I had graduated the second time! This time is in Italy. Who knows if I can have the third time? Wish to express to everyone that future cannot be predict, it can only be deserve. If you don’t work on it, it will not happen. So, make it happen! When I won the full scholarship to study in Italy, my life had changed in terms of how I see things, how I express things and how I achieve my goal. Always continue doing what you love , continue being who you are. Always compete to yourself, not others!