Graduation Exhibition Numinous GEX 1508 – Bandar Sunway, Malaysia

A film by Jason Hee for the Graduation Exhibition by GEX Numinous 1508. The 13 Talented Interior Designers graduation in The One Academy (TOA). Here are the concept of their stories

By GEX Numinous 1508:

Many of us have heard stories about the existence of a gigantic primate. Some of us have even watched different versions of his story on the big screen. But how many of us have lived to see the Almighty King Kong with our own eyes ?

13 brave explorers embarked on a journey to uncover the truth about King Kong’s existence. They have spent many years searching various islands, however their efforts were in vain. One day however, on a faraway island, they stumbled across a massive footprint.

Feeling fearful yet fascinated by their new encounter, they bravely followed the trail of footprints, leading them directly to the legendary King Kong. Despite being portrayed as a destroyer in most stories, this enormous creature showed no sign of aggressiveness towards the explorers and allowed them to explore his natural habitat.

To commemorate this coalition, 13 stone structures were placed at the very place where they encountered King Kong. Come along and join us in this numinous journey to uncover the true nature of King Kong.


GEX Numinous 1508


Bandar Sunway, Malaysia




Jason Hee



September 1, 2018