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This is a budget videography service. By the meaning of budget, it means the gear used in the project will not be as bombastic as making a movie film. However, the film that Heeroglyph produce is good enough to be in average quality.

The Videography includes services such as Travel Film, Commercial, Interview Session, Company Video, Drone Shots, Event Video and more. This service not only available for client, but Company or Freelancer needed to hire helping hands as partner as well.


How It Works

Client Meeting

The meeting will discuss about the details such as the requirements, project intention and more to have a clearer direction on the project.

Storyboard Plot

The videographer will plot a storyboard according to the project. Having a good planning will help produce a memorable videos.

Video Action
Video Action

In this stage, the videographer will visit to the actual site earlier to have a clearer analysis of the site before taking the shot. Then, let's roll

Project Completion

Video renderings will take some time. After the video is handover, the client may revise the video in the given amount of quantity.